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PADI Courses

For more info about our PADI Courses in Singapore, please visit the individual pages.

Discover breathing underwater and familiarize with some of the scuba diving equipment.

It's been a long time since you last dive?

No worries, we can help you refresh your memories and skills.

The basic certification and your first step to recreational scuba diving. Your ticket for exploration of the underwater world.

Explore deeper depths and learn some advancement skills. Your ticket to other interesting areas of the underwater world.

Further your diving experiences with dive specialties like Nitrox, Wreck, Cave diving. Stay longer underwater, or explore the hidden unknowns and many more.

PADI's version of CardioPulmonary Resuscitation. Be trained to respond to emergency situations. A prerequisite for PADI Rescue Diver Course.

Learn to direct your awareness towards the well being of other divers. By anticipating and generating solutions to problems, you can help prevent negative events.

Your first step to Professional Scuba Diving. Take up the responsibilities of leading and guiding divers and sharing your knowledge and experience.

PADI BubbleMaker

A great way to introduce children to Scuba Diving and develop their love for the underwater world from young.



Going some place exotic and do not want to spend your precious time taking theory and pool lessons there?

Come take with us and you can immediately explore the open water.

Assistant Instructor Course

The next step in your professional diving career. Now you can pass on knowledge about scuba diving to others. Teaching scuba diving allows you to share your love of the aquatic world with others while doing what you enjoy – being in, around and under water.

PADI Scuba Diver Progression

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