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Emergency First Response (EFR)


Building up your courage!


PADI's Emergency First Response Program is PADI's CPR and First Aid certification and we offer several courses that are available in our Singapore based dive centre. All are non-diving courses, suitable for divers and non-divers, young and old alike.


You will receive training in CPR and emergency medical care - invaluable information that every person should know. Emergency First Response training focuses on building confidence in lay rescuers and increasing their willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency.


You need these skills before progressing to PADI Rescue Diver Course.


Learn more about the classes and diving price SG below.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Everyone

Course Schedule

One classroom session of theory and practical for Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid).

Primary Care (CPR)

This course teaches you the steps and techniques for handling life-threatening emergencies. You’ll practice eight skills for aiding patients who aren’t breathing, have no heartbeat, may have a spinal injury, and may be in shock or who may have serious bleeding.


You’ll learn to how to perform CPR and continue to monitor the patient, so that you provide every possible chance of survival while waiting for emergency medical services to arrive.

Secondary Care (First Aid)

Because many medical conditions are not life-threatening and emergency medical services are sometimes delayed or unavailable, this course teaches you how to provide first aid that eases pain and reduces the risk of further harm.


You’ll learn to assess a variety of injuries and illnesses and practice bandaging and splinting.

Course Type & Pricing



No. of Days

No. of Days



Emergency First Response

1 D

SGD 220

Emergency First Response + AED

1 D

SGD 260


(If you sign up Rescue Diver Course together)

1 D

SGD 190


No. of Days


Course Includes:

  1. Emergency First Response manual

  2. 1 Classroom session

  3. Instructor & certification fees​


  1. Get a discount if you also sign up for PADI Rescue Diver Course!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden charges not stated?

Absolutely no! We don’t like last minute negative surprises hence we won’t spring any on you too.


Am I able to request a room to myself?

Sure! We will do our best to make special arrangement for you subject to availability at the destination resort.

However, in most cases, there will be a surcharge if you are requesting for a room to yourself. Please check with us on the charges.


Do I need to sign up with a partner?

You don’t have to. We will arrange another diver embarking on the same course to be your buddy. In the unlikely event that you are the odd one out, your dive buddy will be your trusty Instructor or Divemaster.


Do I need to know how to swim?

Watermanship is needed to overcome scenarios that you may face while at sea. You don’t need to be a top athletics in swimming but basic skills and stamina are recommended. Don’t let this be a hurdle for you to start learning scuba diving! Speak with us on this.


How soon can I sign up for the course?

You are recommended to start as early as possible. You will need to go through a theory session prior to the confined pool hence the sooner you start, the earlier you can get into the water!


I am a vegetarian, will there be any food catered specially?

Rest assure that there are many options available for green lovers at the resort. Just let us know in advance so we can arrange the meals for you.


What is the student to instructor ratio?

We adhere to a 5 students to 1 instructor ratio. In the event that we have extra students, we will at our discretion increase another dive professional assisting the group.

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