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Why is Communication Important Underwater?

What are some of the reason why people are in love with scuba diving?

For sure, one of the reason is that the underwater world provides a peaceful and serene place where you can have the opportunity to escape from daily noises and distractions. Diving present divers with an opportunity to be fully immersed yourselves into another "world" and appreciate the marine lives and environment. It provides you with a good way of stress relief from your daily lives and challenges.

Due to the rapid rate of technological and digital advancements, talking underwater have been made possible by using full face masks especially for commercial and tech divers. However, majority of the recreational divers rely on the traditional method of hand signals for underwater communication. This method of communication is taught during your open water course regardless of the training organizations.


It is used to convey important messages to the other divers including letting your buddies know "you are OK” and indicating the presence of one of the wide variety of fascinating marine lives. These hand signals are important as it can definitely make a difference in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Hand signals are generally similar internationally however it is your responsibility to make sure your dive buddies and divemasters understand the signals you use in order for the dives to go smoothly.

Stay calm and dive safe!

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