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Diving with Thresher Sharks - Malapascua Island, Philippines

With so many islands to explore and dive sites to discover, Philippines can be considered one of the best dive destinations in the world. Some of the popular dive locations there include Tubbataha Reefs, Coron Bay, Ticao Pass, Apo Island, Boracay, including but not limited to Malapascua Island. The dive locations in the Philippines are loaded with hundreds of different shark species, but most divers visit in hope of seeing the famous Thresher shark. The Pelagic Thresher shark is known to reside in the waters of Malapascua Island. This shark is known for its unique long tails, which is used like a whip to strike their preys. It is shy in nature, not aggressive and usually swims away when encountering a diver. Unfortunately, due to illegal fishing and pollution, the Thresher sharks population is declining. Malapascua, a small island in the Philippines located North of Cebu, is famous for almost certain chance to see the Pelagic Thresher shark. Monad Shoal dive site is one of Malapascua's most known spots for consistent Thresher shark sightings. It is a cleaning station for them in the early morning, to be cleaned by cleaner wrasses. Apart from Thresher shark, this little island has much more to offer; providing many kinds of marine creatures, incredible macro diving and vibrant mythical looking creatures. At other dive sites around the island, you can spot Whitetip Reef Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks (Jan - Apr), Manta Rays, Devil Rays, Mandarin Fish, Pygmy Seahorses, Blue Ringed Octopus, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Frogfish, Blue Ringed Octopus and a huge variety of Nudibranchs and shrimps. So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in a dive trip to Malapascua, feel free to contact us! Let us spot Thresher sharks and other marine creatures together!

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