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Things You Can Learn About People When You Scuba Dive

1. Personality - Divers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and undoubtedly, personalities. You learnt about a diver's level of patience, awareness, seriousness and how they perceive things. You spend a good period of time together, make decisions and share stories and laughter along the way. You may even find lifelong friends/dive buddies! 2. Luck - Some divers have very good luck for marine creatures. They see turtles regularly on their dive trips and even manage to spot Spanish dancers and/or pygmy seahorses. Not to mention eagle rays and sharks on common dives. Treasure these people and bring them on your dive trips, you can rub some luck off them. 3. Stories - Not only limited to their scuba diving experiences, you can expose yourself to different language, culture, industries and daily lives of others. You will be amazed by the differences and also similarities regardless of nationality, race, language or religion and even discover a thing or more. 4. Self - Through looking at others, you start to look at yourself. You ponder about the actions of others and reflect on your own actions. Self-awareness is the first step for self-improvement. You will improve your scuba diving skills, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills and more. So what are you waiting for?

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